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Brewery tours around the world

By: WomansDay .com on March 25, 2011, 1:30 p.m.
Weihenstephan Brewery

Photo: Weihenstephan Brewery

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Weihenstephan Brewery, Freising, Germany

Weihenstephan, founded in 1040, is the oldest brewery in the world, and was originally the brewery of the Benedictine monks and later the Royal Bavarian Brewery. Perched atop Weihenstephan Hill in the city of Freising, it offers guided tours, which start out with a visit to the brewery museum and continue on to a discussion of the art of brewing. You can also top off your tour with a brew-tasting session — the company offers 12 different types of beer, complete with a pretzel and souvenir beer glass. Admission: €6 ($8) for guided tour; €9 ($13) for tour plus tasting.