Discovery World offers the public a fun way to become more educated on the vital role that freshwater plays in our everyday lives, and steps we can take to protect this precious resource. Discovery World’s state-of-the-art facility is located on the bank of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and includes learning labs, theaters and production studios and fresh and saltwater aquariums. Visitors can even set sail on the 137-foot, three-masted schooner Denis Sullivan for an adventure on the lake.

By connecting innovation, science and technology with the environment through interactive exhibits and educational programs, Discovery World helps visitors gain a better understanding of the importance of water and protecting our natural resources.

Milwaukee, one of the country’s freshwater capitals, is the perfect location for Discovery World. Did you know a whopping 20 percent of the world’s surface water and 90 percent of North America’s fresh surface water is located in the five Great Lakes? If this freshwater resource was spread out over the continental United States, it would cover the entire country to a depth of 9.5 feet!

"It is hard to overestimate or exaggerate the value of the Great Lakes," says Val Klum of the Great Lakes Institute, a leading freshwater research facility at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. "They are priceless."

"Discovery World is a terrific resource for this community and for the region in terms of getting the message out to the public about the value of freshwater," he continues.

MillerCoors is proud to support the great work of Discovery World, and the THIRST Freshwater Innovation Lab. Visitors to the lab, which houses a productive micro-brewery, are taken through the beer production process and learn about water's role in each step. This is just one example of Discovery World’s exciting offerings. We hope you’ll visit soon.

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Discovery World: Learning About the Great Lakes