At the MillerCoors Eden Brewery, we have been able to achieve remarkable reductions in water usage with ideas from our people. Instead of imposing new corporate policies or investing heavily in technology, we engaged our operators, mechanics and electricians as to what they thought we should be looking at in terms of sustainability. Our people didn’t let us down. They quickly identified key water-saving opportunities in hydroflushing, rinsing and packaging. Once implemented, these efforts saved tens of thousands of gallons of water on a daily basis.  

Hydroflushing is a vessel that every brew runs through, and it has to be cleaned and flushed between each cycle. Based on our operators’ input that we were using too much water in this process, the number of hydroflushes had been reduced from 10 to two, saving 40,000 gallons of water a day. The amount of water usage in rinsers was also reduced by 60% after changing the number of nozzles, the size of the orifice in these nozzles and adjusting the water pressure. In packaging alone, our water reduction is now equivalent to 38 Olympic-Size swimming pools.

All water usage improvements were implemented in close partnership with our MillerCoors quality team to ensure our actions did not cause any negative quality or consumer consequences.

Our goal at Eden Brewery is to be the global benchmark with world-class results. Thanks to our people, we’re getting there fast. 


James: The Eden Brewery has achieved really a remarkable feat in that it's been named Brewery of the Year for the last three years consecutively. What's driven our ability to reduce in terms of sustainability has certainly been our people. We have not invested heavily in technology. What we've done here is we didn't just impose on them a set of things to check. We actually engaged them around what do you guys think we need to be looking it. We put in place what we call short enable control which are windows into our operation that allowed our operators, mechanics, electricians to actually respond real time to out of speck conditions. A good example of how our people played a part in identifying the key water saving opportunities for us. Hydroflushing our lauder tun, which is a vessel that basically every brew runs through. We have to clean that vessel and flush it between cycles. Our operators actually identified, hey, we think we're using too much water to do that.

Tyrone: We have two lauter tuns and each lauter tun has at least 10 grain out cycles per day. We were able to reduce the hydroflushes down to two hydroflushes which was a reduction of 40,000 gallons of water per day.


Dan: On the rinsers you know them self as far as water reduction, we actually reduced the usage in the rinsers per line by 4.5 million gallons a year. The rinsers reduced in their usage by 60 percent and that was just by changin' the number of nozzles in the rinser, as well as the size of the orifice in those nozzles, as well as the pressures that you know we sent the water through those nozzles. And, we did this all with our quality folks so we didn't have any consumer or quality consequences from our actions. In packaging alone, our water reduction is equivalent to 38 olympic size swimming pools which contain 660,000 gallons of water each.

James: I am most proud of our people here at Eden. Our folks have embraced the direction. They've embraced our vision to be the global benchmark, be the beer of your choice, and it shows in our results. We're really after world class achievements. So, we really our benchmarking ourselves against the best in the world.

Eden Brewery: Big Water Savings from the Ground Up
MillerCoors has been able to achieve remarkable reductions in water usage with ideas from our people.