“Our mission at the Colorado Rockies to make sure our fans have a great experience while they’re here – and to make sure they get home safely,” explains Greg Feasel, the Rockies’ CEO. “Being responsible on how alcohol is consumed and used is a big part of it.”

The Rockies work with partners to help create an atmosphere of fun and responsibility. For example, Aramark, the Rockies’ food and beverage partner at Coors Field always:

  • Asks for identification when a customer wants to purchase a beer
  • Limits alcohol transactions to two per person
  • Shuts off all alcohol service at the bottom of the seventh inning
This year, Aramark participated in an exciting project, the Designated Driver Challenge, with the Rockies, MillerCoors, the Colorado State Patrol and TEAM Coalition.

The Designated Driver Challenge was a fun way to educate and excite fans about alcohol responsibility. Fans who signed up to become a designated driver were eligible for great prizes, such as tickets to enjoy an upcoming ballgame in the MillerCoors suite, an autographed Rockies jersey and a “fly along” with the Colorado State Patrol.

At the same time, the Rockies were in a competition with the Arizona Diamondbacks to see who could sign up the most fans as designated drivers by the end of the season.

“The safest way to get home is to designate a driver who is sober – who had fun at the game –  but can get you home safely,” explains Captain Jeff Goodwin of the Colorado State Patrol.

We salute the 11,000 Rockies fans took the designated driver pledge!

MillerCoors believes our greatest responsibility is promoting the responsible consumption of our products to our customers. For more information, visit www.greatbeergreatresponsibility.com >

Hitting a Home Run with Responsibility
MillerCoors and partners team up for the Colorado Rockies Designated Driver Challenge