Barley farming is a way of life for residents around Idaho’s Silver Creek Preserve, and MillerCoors and The Nature Conservancy are protecting both the land and its farmers through their partnership.

The Nature Conservancy owns and manages the preserve to ensure the land remains unspoiled and free from development, a conservation effort that benefits Silver Creek’s farmers and enables them to grow quality barley. MillerCoors recognizes the importance of preserving this beautiful, fertile land and works with The Nature Conservancy to promote water stewardship in the valley.

“In the future I expect to see a lot more pressure on our water resources, and I think the most important thing to do is to use it as efficiently as possible,” says Brett Stevenson, a Silver Creek barley farmer. “MillerCoors and The Nature Conservancy have done a great job in allowing some of these restoration projects to happen. I think without their help, a lot of the restoration projects wouldn’t be happening so that’s been a terrific asset to the area.”

But MillerCoors involvement with the farmers of Silver Creek Preserve doesn’t end with water conservation. The company also works closely with barley growers to help them produce high-quality crops year after year.

“When I started growing barley in 1973, I had come from the city and I didn’t know what I was doing, but the Coors agronomist helped me make all the decisions. They taught me how to grow barley and I’m still doing it. We’re happy to grow it, and they’re happy to have it,” says barley farmer John Stevenson.