If you’ve been to Lake Tahoe, you know. There’s nothing like it in the world. It’s a unique 72 miles of shoreline – an ocean in the sky and an outdoor playground. Keep Tahoe Blue & Blue Moon Brewing Company, a part of MillerCoors, have teamed up with the Lake Tahoe community to keep it that way, protecting this one-of-a-kind natural resource.

The goal is to continually work against widespread development around the lake and involve nearby neighborhoods in conservation programs such as Pipekeepers and Eyes on the Lake. Through these programs, neighbors can alert activists to environmental activities, such as invasive plants, so problems can be remedied before they become bigger.

It’s all about widespread education and protection through community initiatives that also include beach clean-ups and plantings.

What about the many visitors to Lake Tahoe? Everyone who comes to Lake Tahoe leaves some kind of impact. Keep Tahoe Blue and Blue Moon together encourage visitors to ask themselves the question: if all visitors did what I did, would Lake Tahoe be left the way I’d want it?

Locals and visitors alike can help protect Lake Tahoe by keeping an eye on external impacts and being mindful of their own impact, practicing low-impact recreation including kayaking, cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing. Watch to learn more about how Keep Tahoe Blue, Blue Moon – and you? – can protect this unique water resource


Jesse: It's so important to protect Lake Tahoe, one because it's so unique, there's nowhere else like this in the world. It's got 72 miles of shoreline, which is basically an ocean in the sky. It's also an outdoor playground, it's got everything you could ever want in the outdoors.

Darcie: Keep Tahoe Blue was founded in 1957 by a small group of activists who wanted to prevent widespread development around the lake. Keep Tahoe Blue focuses on advocacy work, education, and collaboration.

Jesse: Keep Tahoe Blue is starting a new program called Pipekeepers that connects communities to the Lake through the pipes that connect drainage from their neighborhoods directly into the lake. Another great program that Keep Tahoe Blue has is called Eyes on the Lake, where we ask water recreationists to protect while they play. So while they're out paddle-
boarding or enjoying the lake, they see an invasive plant, they tell us where it is, and we can get out there and treat it before it becomes a problem.

Stacy: Miller Coors has a long history of involvement in water stewardship and protecting water resources. Blue Moon Brewing Company as a part of Miller Coors, also is interested in protecting those resources at a local level.

Jesse: Everyone that comes to Lake Tahoe leaves some kind of impact behind. So part of educating people is letting them know to think about that impact and ask the question, ``If everyone who came to Lake Tahoe did exactly as I did, would it stay the way I want it to be?''

Darcie: Keep Tahoe Blue has partnered with Blue Moon to better our ability to protect the lake through reaching a wider audience. We do this through projects such as weed-pulls, plantings, beach clean-ups, and other water quality improvement projects.

Stacy: Our goal this summer is to raise 25,000 dollars through a tear-pad donation program as well as an all-inclusive weekend getaway in Tahoe so they can really experience why Lake Tahoe is so important and why we should help protect it.

Jesse: Water is all connected, throughout the world. It's here one day, somewhere else a week from now. So that's why it's important to preserve all water, everywhere.

Darcie: Blue Moon has been a fantastic partner, their availability, their willingness to help, and their enthusiasm has been great to work with. Locals and visitors alike can help protect Lake Tahoe by practicing low-
impact recreation, including kayaking, cross-country skiing, and snow-

Stacy: The team at Keep Tahoe Blue, they've been great partners so far, it's really exciting and energizing to see the passion that they have for protecting Lake Tahoe and I think it's going to be a great relationship between Keep Tahoe Blue and Blue Moon Brewing Company going forward, we're really lucky to have them.

Lake Tahoe: Protect While You Play
Keep Tahoe Blue focuses on advocacy work, education, and collaboration.