With festival season fast approaching, community leaders around the nation are looking for innovative ways to keep the festivities fun and safe for all who attend. With the help of the Miller Lite Free Rides™ program, residents and retailers alike can participate in responsible celebration by planning ahead for the trip home and avoiding drunk driving.

In Valparaiso, Ind., for example, Miller Lite partnered with the city and North Coast Distributing to provide free rides around town during the community’s annual popcorn festival, and Valparaiso is just one city benefiting from the Free Rides program. Nashville, Louisville, Milwaukee, Denver, Baltimore and Minneapolis have partnered with Miller Lite to help make safe transportation easily accessible during popular community events. 

This program offers benefits for all. The program helps reduce road congestion, making it easier and safer for everyone to get around. Retailers say business booms because more people are encouraged to come out and join the fun. Most importantly, it encourages the community to utilize alternative transportation and never drive drunk.

The Miller Lite Free Rides™ program helps strengthen the communities it serves, allowing people to enjoy themselves responsibly. Festivals are a cherished American tradition, and MillerCoors wants to encourage fun and safe participation.

Miller Lite promotes fun, safety at local events
The Miller Lite Free Rides program makes safe transportation easily accessible for popular community events.