While recycling provides a number of significant environmental benefits, the personal benefits have long been considered mostly altruistic. It feels good. But now, Recyclebank is making recycling more tangibly rewarding for individuals by partnering with companies like MillerCoors to offer incentives for consumers who take positive green actions.

Recyclebank operates with a mission to motivate communities and individuals to help “create a world where nothing is wasted”. To help encourage environmentally friendly behaviors, Recyclebank allows members to earn points for their green actions, like reducing home energy usage, recycling old electronics and utilizing curbside recycling programs. The points can then be redeemed for all kinds of products provided by over 1500 local and national businesses.  

Learn & earn with MillerCoors

A particularly unique part of the Recyclebank program involves a learning component made possible by MillerCoors. By going online, members can earn additional points for engaging with educational content that provides information on how they can continue to reduce the environmental impact of daily lives. After reading the material, members can then take a short quiz to help reinforce the concepts. This kind of interactive experience allows consumers to learn new eco-friendly behaviors in a way that is both entertaining and rewarding. 

A partnership of shared values

Recyclebank is cautious to only align with companies who share their environmental goals. As a valued partner, MillerCoors has always had a strong environmental mission. From water usage and packaging to brewery waste and energy consumption, the company has shown leadership in environmental responsibility for decades.

Together, Recyclebank and MillerCoors are using the Internet to promote environmental knowledge and help encourage a significant shift in offline behaviors. With this innovative approach, individuals have additional incentive to make greener choices and take eco-friendly actions. Collectively, these small individual movements combine to create an astounding global impact.