Rivers are one of nature’s most beautiful and practical treasures, providing clean and healthy drinking water for communities and supporting habitats for wildlife. They are also critically important to many industries and offer a great opportunity for outdoor recreation and reconnecting people with nature.

For all the benefits rivers provide, in many communities, they are negatively impacted by the activities of man. From rapid population growth to dangerous pollutants introduced from storm water runoff, this freshwater resource is threatened more today than at any other time in history.

River Network is a national river conservation organization with more than 650 local member groups, each working to protect and restore the rivers in our communities. In partnership with MillerCoors, the group helps ensure our rivers continue to provide an abundant supply of clean water now and in the future. 

MillerCoors – River Network Grant Competition

Each year, MillerCoors and River Network work together on a grant competition designed to reward local water quality and watershed protection projects. Local member organizations of River Network compete for $54,000 in grant funding.

Proposed projects range from educating the public on water resources to conserving and protecting local watersheds. Submissions are pared down to six finalists and the public votes for the winners. You can vote for the 2011 winners here: www.RiverNetwork.org

2010 Grant Competition Winner - Dan River Basin Association

The Dan River Basin is a 3,300 square-mile area that drains to the Dan River and its tributary streams. Nestled inside the Piedmont area of Virginia and North Carolina, the river travels from the Blue Ridge Mountains and eventually joins the Roanoke River. The quality of the river’s water and the habitat it provides are very important to the region’s communities, industries, agriculture, and wildlife.

The Dan River Basin Association (DRBA) is dedicated to protecting the Dan River and the surrounding basin. In 2010, DRBA won second place in the MillerCoors-River Network grant competition for its plan to protect the Dan River. DRBA has used its grant to educate landowners along the river on maintaining water quality and building eco-friendly river “buffers” to protect the river from agricultural and industrial run-off. According to Katherine Mull, Executive Director of the association, such work would not be possible without the help of supporters like MillerCoors and the River Network.

Learn more about the 2011 MillerCoors – River Network Grant Competition and vote for your favorite today