Clean, fresh water is crucial for everyone, and brewers can't make great quality beer without it. That's why MillerCoors has teamed up with Friends of the Chicago River for Great Water Month 2012, a month-long, nationwide volunteer effort focusing on protecting and preserving local water resources. For the third year in a row, MillerCoors employees are giving back to the community with water improvement initiatives.


In this video, MillerCoors Chief Public Affairs & Communications Officer Nehl Horton, Manager of Community, Commerce & Partnerships Doug Sanborn and Friends of the Chicago River Executive Director Margaret Frisbie discuss how Great Water Month 2012 benefits the city of Chicago and helps MillerCoors employees feel connected to the well-being of the community.


Founded in 1979, Friends of the Chicago River engages in long-term public planning and policy efforts as well as clean-up projects and community education.


"That's the part where we get people out into the river, get their hands dirty, and get them excited about change," says Frisbie. "It makes them feel like they're stewards of the Chicago River."


Along with Friends of the Chicago River, hundreds of MillerCoors employees tested river water quality, helped stabilize the banks, cleaned up trash and debris, and engaged in other efforts to ensure that the Chicago River remains a recreational and scenic treasure for the city for years to come.


"Water stewardship is one of our top priorities at MillerCoors, so we have Great Water Month as our national effort to get out and demonstrate to the community that we don't just talk about preserving water, but we're actually doing something about it as employees of MillerCoors," says Horton. 

MillerCoors Helps Preserve the Chicago River with Great Water Month 2012