MillerCoors brews great beer. And with great beer, comes great responsibility. Learn more about how we work with our major retailers to promote alcohol responsibility and grow our business the right way.

As a leading brewer, our alcohol responsibility ethics are key to growing our business the right way.

That’s why we engage with consumers, retailers, and other stakeholders to work collectively for the responsible enjoyment of our products.

Free Rides is a community-service program which underlies one of our main focus areas, the prevention of drunk driving.

Our long-term partnership with Miller Coors and the Free Ride Program has taken more than 1.7 million cars off the road on certain holidays.

So this New Year’s Eve, put away your keys and celebrate responsibly.

Free Rides has been an outstanding collaboration that has had a measurable impact during the holidays.

We take responsible consumption seriously here at Applebee’s and are glad to be one of the partners with Miller Coors in rewarding people who use the Free Rides Program for their decision to celebrate the holidays safely and take alternative transportation.

It’s vital that we collaborate with retailers on these initiatives to make them as successful as possible and remind everyone that you hold the key, never drive drunk.

We also bring safe transportation alternatives to several other cities on key holidays, by partnering with 1-800-taxicab.

No matter what the circumstance, drunk driving is completely preventable.

At Miller Coors, we brew great beer, and we believe that with great beer comes great responsibility.