When Miller Time ends, Penny Rides begin. MillerCoors is sponsoring a responsible commuting campaign for New Year's Eve, which will provide bus and train rides costing just a penny to Chicago citizens. The campaign is a special gift to the city of Chicago for 2012, which is home to more than 500 of the brewing company's employees. Building off a free rides campaign that MillerCoors has already implemented in a number of cities, the Penny Rides program encourages revelers to get home from the evening's festivities safely.

In this video, MillerCoors CEO Tom Long and Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) President Forrest Claypool unveil the program with a mural of the Chicago city skyline made of 8,000 pennies.

According to the CTA, more than 150,000 bus and train rides are taken on New Year's Eve each year. The Penny Rides program offers low-cost, responsible transportation on a night when many Chicagoans will be celebrating at bars and parties. Penny rides will be available on all CTA bus and train routes from 10 p.m. New Year's Eve until 4 a.m. the following morning.

"We believe that with great beer comes great responsibility," says Diane Wagner, Responsibility Commerce Manager at MillerCoors. "When people are out celebrating New Year's Eve this year, we want them to plan ahead. At MillerCoors, we have a goal of being ten million strong against drunk driving, and initiatives like the Free Rides program and the Penny Rides program help us to attain that goal."

The CTA has more than 1,700 different buses and over 1,000 trains per 200 miles of track. It has offered the Penny Rides program for the past 25 years, and New Year's Eve 2012 will be the first of  a three-year partnership with MillerCoors.

Penny rides give New Year's Eve revelers a safe way home in Chicago
MillerCoors teams up with the Chicago Transit Authority to provide penny train rides on New Year's Eve, taking a stand against the danger of drunk driving.