You can't brew great beer without clean water. See how MillerCoors is leading the way on water stewardship and conservation.


As a leading brewer with our roots in the Rocky Mountains and near the shores of Lake Michigan, we take water usage very seriously.

Our goal is to make more beer while using less water. And we are proud to operate some of the most water-efficient breweries in the world.

This year, we’re launching a program with the Nature Conservancy that will address a long-term plan to address water conservation and will help farmers improve the efficiency of agricultural practices.

We believe working with growers is the first step to ensure quality ingredients and clean and available water supplies for the future.

Miller Coors dedicates investments and support to conservation efforts through partnerships with national nonprofits.

We teamed up with River Network, a national nonprofit organization. Together we created a grant competition.

Milwaukee River Keeper applied for the Miller Coors grant and we won $10,000. With the money that we won, Milwaukee River Keeper will train local volunteers to test water quality in the Milwaukee River Basin.

With making great beer, it has a great responsibility behind it. It calls for us to reduce our footprint and become good corporate citizens.

At Miller Coors, we brew great beer, and we believe that with great beer comes great responsibility.

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