When it comes to beer recipes, there’s really no end to the ways you can use a 12-ounce brew to spice up a meal. Besides drinking it, of course.

Beer can be used in appetizers. It can also be used in desserts. Of course, we use it in the main course all the time. After a while, you might start wondering if there’s anything beer can’t be used for.

Here are a few of our favorite beer recipes featured on the Mother Nature Network:

Cheese and beer bread

This recipe takes about an hour in prep and cooking time.  The beer bread recipe is among the most popular in the homebrewing community and for good reason — it’s delicious. That said, you don’t need to use homebrewed beer for this recipe. Any bottled beer will work. Although the recipe takes only about an hour to make, the beer aroma peaks about 24 hours later so give it ample time to cool. Read more: Cheese and beer bread recipe

Mussels steamed in wheat beer

The biggest challenge in steaming mussels in beer is finding the right beer to use. The problem is the hops. If you pick the wrong beer, the hops will be boiled down and taste bitter. For a lighter hops taste, we suggest using a domestic hefeweizen or a wheat beer. Read more: Mussels steamed in wheat beer recipe

Fish baked in beer batter

This recipe uses a half-cup of beer in the thin but flavorful red pepper batter that’s spooned over the fish prior to baking.  It cooks very quickly (eight to 12 minutes depending on the type and cut of the fish) and is easy to prepare. Steamed spinach makes an excellent choice for a side dish. Read more: Fish baked in beer batter recipe

Carbonnade of beef braised in beer

For this Belgian beef stew recipe, you can actually experiment with different types of beer to see which flavor you like best. Whichever one you choose, you’ll want to make sure you use one that’s not very bitter, such as a wheat beer or a hefeweizen.  This makes for a great cold weather dish and it’s even better if you’re an onion lover. Our recipe calls for two pounds of onions, thinly sliced. Read more: Carbonnade of beef braised in beer recipe

Honey cake with stout

In this twist on a traditional Jewish recipe, we’ve swapped dark beer in for coffee to create a densely flavored, homey spice cake. It will keep up to four days and the aroma and flavor from the stout will get stronger with age. In fact, the cake’s texture is reportedly better on the second day. You can serve it plain or with strawberries or fresh fruit. Read more: Honey cake with stout recipe