We seem to really, really love our caffeine. Aside from the more than $40 billion Americans spend on coffee each year, we can also get our get-up-and-go by means of caffeinated supplements, snacks, beer, water and even inhalers.

But why stop there? A new product is hitting the market via indieGogo that will allow those seeking a caffeine blitz to do so with a quick spritz. Sprayable Energy is a modified caffeine that is absorbed through the skin and distributed through the body’s system gradually — basically a long, slow ride on the caffeine train.

Responsible for the new product are Ben Yu, a 21-year-old tech wizard, and Deven Soni, a 33-year-old venture capitalist.

"Coffee didn't work for me," Yu told Inc. Magazine. "When I ingest it, it's like roller coaster ride of energy."

After researching nicotine patches and consulting with Yu's chemist father, the team came up with the novel spray. Each dose contains less caffeine that a normal cup of coffee; yet it delivers the same amount of caffeine stimulation.

As they explain on the Sprayable Energy website, since the caffeine isn't ingested, “it isn't almost entirely metabolized by the liver before entering your system and becoming available to your body. Thus, a smaller amount of caffeine can have just the same effect as a very large amount of caffeine ingested through an energy drink or cup of coffee.”

Intended to be applied like a fragrance, users can spray up to a maximum number of five sprays within five hours, up to 20 sprays per day.

Product delivery is expected to begin near the end of October. Each bottle of spray will deliver 40 doses and is expected to retail for $15; that comes to around $0.37 per blast. (Should Starbucks be concerned?)

See the how-to in the video below.

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