Recycling woes bringing you down? If only packaging could just disappear once its service is fulfilled ... which is exactly what Coca-Cola’s special edition “Botellas de Hielo” were designed to do. Once the consumer has sipped the soda, they can then eat the bottle, or simply let it melt into nothingness — because it's made of ice.

The novel bottles come in the shape of the traditional glass Coke bottle with the company logo included in the ice. The company website explains that the process begins with pouring micro-filtered water into silicone molds, then chilling the water to minus 14 degrees Fahrenheit until frozen. The super-cool bottles are then shipped to their destination – which at this time is only the beaches of Colombia – where they are filled with Coke. Each bottle is wrapped in a thick red rubber band to protect the fingers — and to provides a bit of extra advertising since, “once the bottle is liquefied, the band doubles as a keepsake bracelet fans can wear,” notes the site.

No word if the frozen bottles will be available elsewhere.

Watch beachgoing Colombians being very happy about their ice bottles in the ad below:

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