There always seems to be a plethora of gloom and doom when the conversation turns to climate change, but the worst news has just come out regarding the effects of global warming … it’s lowering our beer production! NOOOOO!

New Scientist magazine reports on a recent study done by Martin Mozny of the Czech Hydrometerological Institute that found the quality of Saaz hops, a variety used to make pilsner lager, has been on the decline. Apparently the cause for such an atrocity is increased air temperature.

New Scientist says, “Mozny's team used a high-resolution dataset of weather patterns, crop yield and hop quality to estimate the impact of climate change on Saaz hops in the Czech Republic between 1954 and 2006. Best-quality Saaz hops contain about 5 percent alpha acid, the compound that produces the delicate, bitter taste of pilsners.”

Think you’re safe because you don’t drink Czech beer? Francesco Tubiello, a specialist at the European Commission and a lead author of the agriculture chapter of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report, said, “The famous hop-growing regions of eastern Germany and central Slovakia are facing the same situation.”

Bummer. That's one more reason to make a lifestyle change that will help reverse climate change. 

Doh! Good beer is at stake in the battle against climate change
Need a reason to join the fight against climate change? Global warming may rob humanity of tasty brew.