Beer needn’t be green only on St. Patrick’s Day. You can enjoy eco-friendly beer all year long if you just know where to look.

We recommended a few eco-friendly beers earlier this month, all domestics, but we’ve found a few imported beers that are green, and we felt compelled to share our discoveries with you.

As with our domestic selections, we sought out beers that use organic ingredients, are locally produced, and engage in other environmental practices.

Without further ado, here are the new selections for green-minded beer drinker:

Wychwood Brewery

Located in the town of Witney in Oxford, England, this cheeky brewery has been crafting beers for more than 100 years. For the environmentally conscious beer drinker, we recommend Scarecrow, a golden pale ale that uses organically grown English barley malt and whole leaf target hops. The hops are naturally grown and supplied by a single garden in Kent.

Pinkus Organic

Based out of Germany, Pinkus Organic brews with only organically grown barley malt and whole hop blossoms, and are USDA certified organic. Try one of their four varities: Organic Münster Alt (a golden pale ale), Organic Ur Pils (a golden pal pilsner), Organic Hefe-Weizen (a wheat beer), and Organic Jubilate Dark Lager.

Brasserie Dupont

A Belgian brewer, Brasserie Dupont has been organically brewing since 1990, and the company offers a number of tasty organic beers, including Biolégère (a pale beer), an organic honey beer, Blanche du Hainaut (a wheat beer), Moinette biologiqu (an organic ale), and Saison Dupont (an organic lager).

Caledonian Brewing Company

Another U.K. brewer, this one out of Edinburgh, Scotland, Caledonian is green throughout the beer-making process. The company recycle its grains and malts into animal feed and reuses its kegs (thoroughly cleaning them, of course) for up to seven years. Their Golden Promise beer uses only organically grown hops.

Remember that these are imported beers. Check with your local retailers, particularly natural food retailers, to see if they can get any of these brands.

What do you think? Does this a list add considerably to our previous one for the eco-friendly beer drinker? Let us know about other brews in the comments below.

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Beer needn’t be green only on St. Patrick's Day. You can enjoy eco-friendly beer all year long if you just know where to look.