Science has brought us some incredible discoveries and innovations, from computers to antibiotics to space travel. But science may have reached new heights with this latest creation: a real-life indoor cloud made of tequila that you can drink from when it rains.

All levity aside, the cloud is actually quite beautiful. It was created by the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico in conjunction with the U.S. marketing agency LAPIZ as part of an installation at the Urban Spree art gallery in Berlin. It moves and acts just like a real cloud and is mesmerizing to witness — even more mesmerizing after a few drinks. And yes, it really does rain drops of tequila that you can catch in a shot glass. No joke.

The cloud was created using ultrasonic humidifiers that vibrate tequila at the ideal frequency to transform it into a controlled mist. Then under the right conditions, the mist can be made to condense into sweet, delicious alcoholic rain drops. The thunder and lightning that the installation displays is thanks to some artful back-lighting and sound design.

The purpose of the project was to encourage Germans living in dreary, cloudy Berlin to take a vacation to Mexico. In fact, the installation was synced with weather reports so that it would rain tequila at the same time that it was raining in the streets of Berlin. Germany is the second largest export market for tequila in the world, so the audience was aptly targeted.

It may seem inevitable that similar clouds should puff up in specialty bars all across the U.S. for Cinco de Mayo, but for now the installation is a neat novelty. And if tequila's not your drink, don't fret ... clouds of just about any other kind of alcohol can be made using the same method.

You can view a video detailing how and why the project was created here:

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