Beer is one of the world's most popular beverages, but according to an article in Science Daily, its proteins have not been analyzed by researchers until recently. The article reports that researchers have just completed a study of beer's "proteome," which means a full analysis of all the proteins in the beverage.

According to the story, researchers were inspired by a story about popular Belgian brewers, Les Maitres de l'Orge, wanting explore the proteins that "play a key role in the formation, texture, and stability of the foamy 'head' that drinkers value so highly." The study found 20 barley proteins, another 40 from yeast, and two others from corn.

The article says the results can help brewers perfect their fermentation processes, alter the flavors of their beer, or enhance the aroma of the frothy brew.

The science of beer reveals complete proteome picture
Researchers analyze the proteins in one of the world's favorite beverages.