Get ready for the big game ... and be eco-friendly while doing it! Learn how with Danielle V. as she plans a socially conscious Super Bowl party. (Nick Scott/MNN)

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Danielle: All right. So, it’s time for the Super Bowl. If everything goes my way, we’ll be watching the Jets play today. So invite all your friends over, and we’ll get this Super Bowl party started. Touchdown Green! 

So of course, at every Super Bowl party, what do you need? A football. This year, why don't you think about getting a Fair Trade Sports football. It’s totally vegan, so no animal products are used in making this, and completely fair trade, so all the workers involved in the entire process of making it, to shipping it, to selling it, are compensated fairly. 

So, on to the food, which is I know what we’re all thinking about right now. We decided to do a chili bar this year. Of course, we have our cloth napkins, ‘cause why use paper when you can use cloth and reuse them? And our chili bar? All organic chili. If you can get all the different ingredients where you are from your farmers market or a natural food store, that’s great. So, with your chili, of course, you've got to have all your toppings. So we have all of our different organic options here. We have our organic sour cream, shredded cheddar, onions, peppers from the farmers market, whatever other crazy things you want to throw in there, of course put them in. And then, what is a party without chicken wings? Not a party, I think. So here we have the chicken wings. Again, make them yourself if you can from your local market or Whole Foods. You can find organic wings and you can make the sauce. Or, there’s also a company called FreeBird, you can buy frozen organic chicken wings from them.

We have our beeswax taper candles, and I know what you've had your eye on this whole time: the beer. So when buying your beer, of course, you're not going to be surprised, think organic. There’s a lot of different great beers we have here. Peak Organic makes a couple different varieties. We have a pilsner, a bunch of different styles and also, another option, here’s Brooklyn Brewery. So as you know, we’re in New York, think about finding a local brewery. Buying a local product is also incredibly environmentally friendly. Now instead of having this beer shipped all across the country, it’s coming from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

And as always, let’s think about separating our garbage. We’ve got plenty of glass to recycle here. We’ve got a lot of food that we can be composting. And of course, I’m sure along the way you’ve come up with some paper that you can be recycling as well.


How to plan an eco-friendly Super Bowl party
Video: Join Danielle V as she plans an eco-friendly and socially conscious Super Bowl party.