Join Farmer D at Moon River Brewing in Savannah, GA where he checks out Green DrinksGreen Drinks offers the ultimate in environmental networking. (Nick Scott/MNN)


 >>  I’m Farmer D.  Here I am outside Moon River Brewery in Savannah, Georgia.  We’re here for Green Drinks.  Green Drinks is a national concept that’s picking up around the country.  Savannah’s got theirs here tonight at Moon River.  It’s a social network, basically people interested in things green, the environment, coming together to share a drink, kinda schmooze, get to know each other.  So we’re gonna hop on in and see who’s hanging out.  Come on in.
>>  [singing]  Happy Birthday and recycle.
>>  I go to everything I can think of to learn more about environmental protection in harmony with economic development about it, networking with folks who know more than I do about the kinds of things I’m talking about.
>>  Okay, Marsha?
>>  Yes.
>>  You’re with Savannah Magazine?
>>  With Savannah Magazine.
>>  And what brings you to Green Drinks?
>>  I mainly come for the networking.  I mean, I’m always very supportive of environmental issues.
>>  And Green Drinks brings a lot of people together without as many inhibitions as they might have in a more controlled setting.
>>  So, I’m always here looking for new stories and just trying to find new contacts to help support our advertising in the magazine and I’ve – I’ve done really well.  And I enjoy drinking.  I’m just going to say.
>>  I do, too.
>>  You know, so, I really enjoy meeting new people and Green Drinks is by far – I meet more new people at Green Drinks than any other networking event that I go to, so.
>>  Really?  That’s awesome.
>>  Yeah, and it’s a really good opportunity to develop the relationships that have already started and build new ones to help us move forward on what I think we need to do to press as a community and as a region.
>>  Wow, that was eloquent.  That one sounds like you might have practiced that.  That was great.
>>  That’s only one beer.
>>  That was only one beer.  We’re gonna come back after two more.
>>  That’ll be good.
>>  Cheers.  To Green Drinks.


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