Many parents are packing bento-style lunches for their children. This method encourages a lot of food variety, plus kids love the extra touches that are incorporated. Check out the following examples for inspiration. 

I love both the variety of food and the pressed sandwiches in this bento. 

Bento box with pressed sandwiches

Photo: Melissa/Flickr 

By repurposing gingerbread cookie cutters and using food coloring markers, one parent made a fun monster bento. 

Bento box with monsters

Photo: Wendy Copley/flickr 

For a more traditional bento box, you can make rice balls, and then cut out nori into shapes to make animal faces, like this adorable panda rice ball version. 

Bento box with rice balls and nori shapes

Photo: Jreika/Shutterstock

This is an adorable idea for a preschool lunch.  

Bento Box for a preschool lunch

Photo: Melissa/Flickr 

This ladybug-themed bento box is almost too cute to eat!

Lady Bug Bento

Photo: Maki/Flickr 

You can also pack bento snack trays, like this one. I love all of the variety you can pack into one tray. 

Bento Snack Tray

Photo: Melissa/Flickr 

How about a puzzle sandwich?

puzzle sandwich bento

Photo: Melissa/Flickr

But repurposing cookie cutter isn't just for sandwiches. Look at this clever use for serving tofu!

Cookie cutter tofu

Photo: Wendy Copley/Flickr

Also, check out this cute use of cookie cutters for cheese slices. 

cheese slices trimmed with cookie cutters for bento box

Photo: Wendy Copley/Flickr

My kid's lunches are looking pretty plain in comparison! I may just be inspired to make their lunches a little more fun from now on. 

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