I recently asked some of my favorite food bloggers for the top dishes they liked to make on a busy day. So many of us have children still at home, so the only way to make healthy eating happen is to turn to dishes that are simple to prepare, family-friendly, and frugal. That's the kind of recipes they shared, and with each one, my mouth watered more!

Here at MNN, you can also find these 7 easy vegetarian meals, and find a lot of tips and recipes here for nourishing meal ideas. One of the easy meals that I've made countless times is this Quinoa and Chicken Crockpot Soup. But the list below contain even more recipes to add to my growing list. 

Slow Cooker Recipe for Cabbage Unrolls

Photo: Kitchen Stewardship 

1. Katie from Kitchen Stewardship shares a slow cooker meal, with one of her favorites: Slow Cooker Recipe for Cabbage Unrolls. This dish tastes just like stuffed cabbage rolls but is layered instead for full flavor but a quick prep time. (Quick prep time is always a plus.)

2. Beth from Red and Honey shared her recipe for Chili Cheese Lentils! This frugal dish is hearty and flavorful and easy to throw together on a weeknight. Perfect!

3. Wardee from Gnowfglins shared this recipe for a Spanish Tortilla with Salmon (using an egg tortilla, not the Mexican flat bread tortilla.) It uses a frugal source of protein and comes together in a flash.

4. Stephanie from Keeper of the Home shared two recipes: one for Salmon Cakes that everyone likes — even those who don’t think they like fish — plus a Simple Tomato Soup. These recipes are fast, frugal and family-friendly. 

5. Kresha from Nourishing Joy shares a recipe for Slow Cooker Pork Vindaloo. Not only does it sound moist and flavorful, but I love using slow cookers on busy days!  

Faux Risotto with Summer Vegetables

Photo: Don't Waste the Crumbs 

6. At Don’t Waste the Crumbs, Tiffany shares a Faux Risotto with Summer Vegetables that only costs $5 to make. You can't even eat fast food at that price! 

7. At Nourishing Simplicity, Katie keeps it easy, simple, but flavorful with this Spanish-Inspired Open Sandwich. There is no shame in serving sandwiches for dinner, especially if they are as delicious as this one. 

Best quesodillo ever recipe

Photo: Just Making Noise

8. While Marillyn from Just Making Noise shares how to make the Best Quesadillas Ever, which also happen to be quick and frugal. 

9. Diana from My Humble Kitchen shows you how to make meatloaf flavorful and the “real food way.”.I have to say that this was a personal favorite of mine growing up, and is very family-friendly. 

10. Erin from The Humbled Homemaker shared her husband's favorite dinner item – Gluten-free Fried Drumsticks. They are easy to make, she told me, but they do take a little time. Fried chicken is so worth it though, don’t you think? Especially when you know that your family is going to love it, and chicken drumsticks are a very frugal choice of meat! 

What recipe would you add to the list? I'd love to hear! 

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