If you have a slow food advocate on your Christmas list, I’ve got some last-minute gift ideas for you.


  1. A regional cookbook – Most bookstores have a regional section, even if they are national chains. You should be able to find cookbooks that focus on the seasonal foods of your region written by those who live and cook in the region. 
  1. A regional vegetable gardening book – Generic gardening books are helpful, but if you want to know when the earliest date you can plant your tomatoes is, a regional book is more helpful. 
  1. Seeds - Buy an armload of organic and heirloom seeds to fill up a stocking. 
  1. Honey - Give a jar of local honey. You can find sources for honey at honeylocator.com or localharvest.com.
  1. Wine - Put a pretty bow on a bottle of wine from a local winery. You don’t necessarily have to run to the winery to buy it if you don’t have the time. Many wine stores have a regional section.
  1. Slow Food membership - Purchase a membership to Slow Food USA in the gift recipients name if he doesn’t already have one.
  1. Coffee - Give her a bag of fair trade coffee, a small bag of organic sugar, and a fun mug purchased at a thrift store.
  1. Reusable produce bags – Chances are the slow foodie in your life already has reusable grocery bags, but what about reusable produce bags. These mesh bags eliminate the need to use a plastic produce bag when buying produce in bulk.
  1. Kitchen counter compost bucket – If your slow foodie always has a bowl of kitchen scraps on the counter top, help her keep them in style with a bucket that hides the potato peels in winter and keeps the fruit flies away from the melon rinds in summer.
  1. CSA membership – If you’ve got the money to spend, this would make any slow food advocate happy. A membership to a Community Supported Agriculture program will give that special someone on your gift list months and months of farm fresh gifts.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

10 slow food Christmas gift ideas
Good, clean and fair gifts for the slow food advocate on your list.