I finally saw “The Hundred Foot Journey” last night. It is first and foremost a foodie film, with ingredients, restaurant kitchens, chefs, and Michelin stars taking center stage. But it’s also a film about the beauty of France, overcoming racism, embracing cultural differences, the young and the old following passions, and of course, love.

It was a delightful movie, especially for a foodie like me. I walked away inspired, wanting to do several things at once. It’s one of those films

  1. Ride my bike everywhere. In the movie, the female sous chef rides her bike to and from work, often through straight, flat paths through the woods. She wears cute dresses and her curly hair is always perfect, and she never breaks a sweat. Of course, that is how I imagine myself riding a bike everywhere.
  2. Get a big wicker basket to attach to the front of my bike. I have a practical nylon bag on the front of my bike. It’s black and has zipper compartments and is about as unsexy as anything you can attach to a bike. It will not at all look right when I’m riding in cute little dresses.
  3. Get my kitchen knives sharpened. There are a few references to chefs’ knives in the movie. They don’t play an integral part in the movie, but I was reminded while watching the knives in expert hands that mine are in desperate need of a sharpening.
  4. Learn how to make my own Hollandaise sauce. Sad to say, I’ve only made it from a package mix before. That must change.
  5. Forage for food. The sous chef with the perfect bike is late to work at the restaurant one day because she stopped to forage for berries along the way one day. She also did quite a bit of mushroom foraging in the woods. 
  6. Eat more Indian food, whether I cook it myself or go to a restaurant.
  7. Eat more French food, whether I cook it myself or go to a restaurant.
  8. Buy a good bottle of Champagne and put it away to have for a milestone occasion. In the film, Helen Mirren’s character has a special one put away, and now I want one, too. I usually have a bottle of Prosecco chilling in my refrigerator for moments when bubbly is needed, but I think I need something extra special just in case.
  9. Go to France. It is the number one country on my list of places to go, and yet I’ve never been there. I have plans, though. And a Pinterest board. Every time I see a movie like this or read a book about living or traveling in France, I get more determined.
  10. Go to more movies that I want to go to. I see plenty of movies with my boys, but most of the movies we see wouldn’t be my first pick, and that’s fine. But I need to see more movies that inspire and delight me, preferably with my girlfriends like I did last night.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

10 things to do after seeing 'The Hundred Foot Journey'
The movie that celebrates a passion for food and a passion for life has given me some new inspiration.