On March 30, Seeds of Change announced on its Facebook page that it was launching the Sowing Millions Project. The organic seed company was giving away 100 million seeds, 25 packs at a time to individuals and 100 packs at a time to organizations, simply for recipients to pay postage and handling.

On the morning of March 31, I told you about the giveaway. By that evening, the following message was on the Sowing Millions Project’s homepage.

"Thank you for your excitement and support for the Sowing Millions Project. Due to overwhelming interest, we are proud to say we have given away all 100 million seeds and can no longer accept additional requests for seeds."

The original fine print for the giveaway said that the promotion would last until Dec. 31, 2011, or while supplies last. I wonder if supplies went much more quickly than Seeds of Change had anticipated.

What does it mean when 100 million seeds are given away in such a short period of time? Does it mean there is an incredible demand by those who want to grow their own food? Does it mean there will be 100 million new edible plants growing this summer, providing fresh, healthy food for millions and millions of people?

I do hope so. I hope that those who asked for the seeds before they ran out will use their seeds or give them away to people or organizations that will use them. I know there are a lot of people who spend a good deal of their time looking for freebies on the Internet and telling other of them through blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. That can be a good thing when the freebies are things that can be used.

Some people, though, just like to get free stuff because they can — whether they'll use the stuff or not. I fear that many of these seed packets may have been requested by people who just want free stuff. I have no proof ... just a suspicion.

Please, if you were able to get in on this giveaway (like I was), don’t let your seeds go to waste. Use them in your garden. Plant extra rows in your garden and donate the produce to food banks. Give away the seeds you won’t use to people who will make the best use out of them.

This was a very generous giveaway by Seeds of Change. I know people will argue that it’s a promotion that gives the company (which is owned by M&M Mars, by the way) a ton of free publicity. Of course it is. It’s Marketing 101, but it’s also 100 million organic seeds that will soon be set loose on the public. Think of all the good food that can possibly come from these seeds. That possibility shouldn’t be squandered.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

100 million seeds: Going, going, gone
In about two days, Seeds of Change gave away millions and millions of seeds. Will millions of people be fed by those seeds?