Earlier this year, Danielle Nierenberg and Ellen Gustafson launched FoodTank, The Food Think Tank to help fix the world’s broken food system. One of the ways that Food Tank gets their message out is through their Twitter account (@Food_Tank).

In the seven months since its launch, Food Tank has gained more than 25,000 followers on Twitter. When they hit the 25,000 milestone, they decided to share who inspires, informs and pushes them to action on Twitter with a list of 118 Twitter feeds every food activist needs to follow.

There are familiar names on the list like Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, Jamie Oliver and Mark Bittman, but there are also several names that aren’t as familiar and also many organizations involved with the food movement that you’ll be happy to discover.

A great thing about this list is that Food Tank looks at the food movement as a global issue, so the list doesn’t just point to Twitter feeds that talk about what is going on in the U.S. You can get information about what is going on with food security, sustainability, hunger, and more around the world by following their suggested Twitter feeds.

Here is just a sampling:

  • Jonathan Bloom (@WastedFood) Bloom is the author of “American Wasteland,” an insightful book about food waste in America. His blog Wasted Food is another medium for his interest in food waste, and his Twitter feed is a source of plentiful information.
  • Zero Hunger Challenge (@zerohunger) The U.N. Zero Hunger Challenge is working toward a world where all people enjoy the right to food, and environmentally sustainable food systems flourish. Its Twitter feed is filled with stories and research reports related to that goal.
  • The Hunger Project (@HungerProject) Since 1977, The Hunger Project has worked to empower men and women in the developing world to end hunger and poverty through sustainable, grassroots solutions. The Twitter feed provides “up-to-date tweets on issues that matter.”
In addition to Food Tank’s list, you should follow me (@rshreeves) on Twitter for tweets about the food movement and food in general. While you’re at it, follow my fellow food blogger Kimi (@KimiHarris) and Mother Nature Network (@MotherNatureNet).

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118 must-follow Twitter feeds for food activists
Food Tank has created a list of Twitter feeds that inspire and inform those who care about our food system.