Did you know that there's such a thing as National Pancake Day? It’s a good excuse to enjoy some delicious pancakes. After all, who doesn't love them? Plus, many of these pancakes are guilt-free, as they use whole grains, are grain-free/gluten-free, or use natural sweeteners. Enjoy!

Basic pancakes

Blender Whole Wheat Pancakes: No need for flour here! This recipe blends whole grains with the liquid of the recipe for an easy whole-grain pancake (I make them gluten-, dairy- and egg-free).

Basic Sourdough Pancakes: I have to say that sourdough is one of my favorite types of pancakes. They have just the right amount of tang to balance the sweet. This recipe is a good basic one.

Fluffy Whole Grain Pancakes: This recipe has converted many to whole-grain pancakes with ease. The secret? An overnight soak changes the texture of the pancake, making it fluffier and less dense than a normal whole-wheat pancake.

Easy Quinoa Pancakes (gluten-free): Cooked whole quinoa, almond flour, and protein-rich eggs make the base of these nutritious and hearty pancakes.


Grain-free apple pancakes They look like pancakes, but they're not. (Photo: Food Renegade)

Grain-free Apple Pancakes: These absolutely delightful pancakes are battered and cored apple slices. What a fun way to enjoy some grain-free pancakes!

Blueberry Lemon Pancakes: Made with sprouted whole-grain flour, this light pancake recipes has lots of delicious flavor!

5-Ingredient Banana Pancakes: These very simple pancakes only use a couple of whole food ingredients to make nutrient-dense pancakes.

Flax Seed and Blueberry Pancakes: Want to make a pancake mix healthier? This version does so with the addition of flax seeds and blueberries.

Creative variations

Lacy Pancake Hearts

Photo: Kimi Harris

Lacy Pancake Hearts: Sometimes for a special treat, I will make my girls pancakes in the shape of lacy hearts. They love it (although it does take a little practice).

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sourdough Pancakes: These are a fun adaption of fluffy sourdough pancakes. PB&J lovers will especially appreciate this variation!

Eggnog Pancakes: Speaking of unusual, these pancakes have an eggnog-like flavor for a lovely treat.

Savory pancakes

Mexican Polenta Pancakes

Photo: Enrique Gili

Mexican Polenta Pancakes and Guacamole: Have you ever considered a savory pancake? This unusual version is a cross between a taco and a pancake.

Buckwheat Crepes: Use these with a fruit filling for a sweet treat, or wrap around savory ingredients like thinly sliced cheese, tomatoes, and arugula for a savory, gluten-free sandwich wrap.

Savory Bacon, Cheddar and Green Onion Pancakes: This lovely savory pancake recipe gives a protein punch of flavor.

14 pancake recipes to try this weekend
Whether you like your pancakes fluffy, thin, savory or even studded with fruit, there is a recipe for you here.