Are you starting to plan for Thanksgiving and other holiday meals? It’s about that time, and this month’s Allrecipes’ The Measuring Cup is looking at trends in holiday cooking.

I'm not surprised that millennials who were surveyed feel more pressure about cooking Thanksgiving dinner than older home cooks feel. It’s probably a mixture of inexperience and feeling like everything must look exactly like the recipes and table settings that they’ve pinned to their Thanksgiving Pinterest boards. Both of those will fade as they get a few Thanksgiving dinners under their apron strings.

While I don’t feel the pressure for Thanksgiving cooking that millennials may feel, I’m like them in my use of social media and technology when cooking, even though I fall squarely in the Gen X group. I research online, post for help on Facebook and Twitter, and watch how-to videos when looking for cooking help and inspiration. I also use my Kindle Fire to follow recipes. I keep it eye-level on an open shelf propped up on a drinking glass.

Take a look at this month’s The Measuring Cup and see what trends you’re a part of.

Do any of these findings resonate with you?

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2013 holiday home cooking trends [Infographic]
Millennials are much more likely to turn to technology and social media for troubleshooting and follow recipes from a screen than older home cooks.