Last year on Earth Day, I told you about an iPhone app called Coupon Sherpa that was being offered for free on that day only. The $1.99 app gathers online coupons and lets you access them from your phone so you never find yourself at someplace like Staples (where you’re obviously buying printer paper made of recycled content, right?) without your money-saving coupon.

Coupon Sherpa allows you to go paperless with these coupons, and paperless is good. It’s a useful app that I’ve used to save a few bucks throughout the past year that I wouldn’t have been able to save otherwise. Over the past year, Coupon Sherpa has expanded its offerings and now has links to printable coupons on their website for grocery shopping and other offers.

This year for Earth Day, the folks from Coupon Sherpa are looking to save consumers even more money by compiling 40 Earth Day Deals and Programs, and there are some very useful. Not all of them have to do with food, and not all of them will interest you, but there are enough intriguing ones there that I thought I’d point you to them.

Here are the ones that caught my attention:

7. CVS/pharmacy
CVS/pharmacy, which recently launched a program called GreenBagTag, will pay ExtraCare reward card members $1 back for every four shopping trips where they decline plastic bags; whether you use a reusable bag or carry out your items. In addition, CVS will give 5 cents to World Wildlife Fund for every GreenBagTag sold in the next year.

19. National Parks
In celebration of National Parks Week, which just happens to coincide with Earth Day, entry to all 392 U.S. national parks is free April 17 to April 25. Some park concessionaires also are offering special deals that week.

25. Target
Target is celebrating Earth Week by giving away 1.5 million complimentary reusable shopping bags with each purchase on April 18. Bags are made from 100 percent, post-consumer recycled PET bottles.

35. 100 Miles Challenge
Eating locally reduces carbon emissions and helps support local economies. This Earth Day, take the 100 Miles Challenge pledge to eat locally for at least five meals a week. Begin by locating a farmers market near you. You also can join a Community Supported Agriculture system, in which local farmers distribute fresh produce. 

Of course, there are 36 other items on the list, and what interests me is not necessarily what will interest you. You’ll have to head over to Coupon Sherpa to see the rest of the offers. Let me know if you find anything useful. 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

40 Earth Day deals
Coupon Sherpa has compiled 40 deals and programs different companies and organizations are offering in honor of Earth Day. There’s a little something for ever