Filling the stocking of a home cook who doesn’t mind kitchen tools as gifts isn’t difficult. You can pile an entire shopping basket with items from the home section of any major store. But if you want to stuff your loved one's stocking with super useful kitchen tools, that takes more thought.

This year for stocking stuffer ideas, I’m sharing five practical items that I use all the time in my kitchen. I hope you find an idea or two in here to make your gift giving a little easier.

5-ounce measuring cup – I grab this compact measuring cup all the time since I bought one for myself. I use it when cooking and making cocktails, and I love how it takes up so little room in my dishwasher. No matter how many measuring cups your home cook has, if he doesn’t have this one, he'll appreciate it.

The Common Cook’s How-Many Guide to Kitchen Conversions wall cling. When a cook wants to know how to cut a one-third cup measurement in half, this is the place to turn. This super-useful graphic clings to walls, glass, cabinet doors, refrigerators — just about anywhere. It’s easily removed, leaves no residue behind, and is re-clingable. 

Tortoise Onion Goggles – I’ve put onion goggles on gift lists before because I can’t live without mine. I’m putting them on this list again because they’ve improved the look of the goggles that are incredibly effective at keeping you from tearing up when you’re cutting onions but they do make you look silly. They now come in a more fashionable tortoise shell frame to make the wearer look slightly less silly.

Frozen Herb Starters – This silicone herb freezing tray has many more uses than just freezing fresh herbs. When I made my limoncello for the holidays, I froze the lemon juice in perfect amounts for making hummus. I now have enough lemon juice cubes to last for a couple of months. They’d also be great for freezing tomato paste.

Silicone Cookie Spatula – This small, 2.5-inch square spatula is the BEST thing for lifting cookies off a tray. It’s also perfect for getting brownies out of the pan and running along the edge of cake molds to help loosen them up. It’s also great for flipping eggs.

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