One of the most intimidating jobs for those new to cooking is using their kitchen knife properly. Take a few minutes to watch these videos, which clearly demonstrate how to chop and mince a variety of vegetables, and you will be a pro in no time.

Basic knife skills: This video helps you understand how hold your knife, and what motions you can use when cutting.

Dice an onion: You use onions for so many dishes, it's vital to know how to dice one. This is the method I use, and it works wonderfully!

How to cut and dice vegetables: Learn how to cut and dice a variety of vegetables in a variety of ways.

Fresh herbs — stem, chiffonade, mince: Simple techniques for adding a lot of fresh flavor.

How to mince garlic: How to mince garlic, without a garlic press!

How to cube a potato: Another basic skill everyone should know (I do it almost like this, but I don't bother cutting off the edges before I cube it).

6 videos to help you dice, chop and mince
Learn the basics of using your kitchen knife as well as how to chop, mince and dice a variety of vegetables.