I recently asked on my Facebook page how parents got their children to eat a nourishing diet (most of us follow a traditional diet model, with foods like grass-fed beef, organic produce, and pastured dairy).

I thought the replies were so insightful and helpful that I should share them with you!

Prepare it right

Chrissy: "Make it yummy. Make things you really like to eat. Many nourishing foods can be ruined by over cooking, under seasoning, boiling (ugh...I really dislike almost any boiled food)...etc. My kids like roasted veggies better than steamed buttered and sea salted better than plain."

Don’t give them other options

Sharon : "Give them nothing else."

Model a healthy diet for them

A Living Doll-: "I find whatever my mom eats is what I want to eat just because if mom eats it, it must be something good. That's how she always got my sister and I to eat foods."

The power of a few good ingredients

An Appetite For Joy: "Lemon, sea salt and/or butter."

Don’t always serve leftovers

Dulcimer: "Give them a break from leftovers for lunch, and plan some lunches that feel "fresh" and different from what we had for dinner last night. Last night's dinner may have been nourishing and awesome, but let's face it: when lunch rolls around, sometimes we want something different."

Have them help cooking

Claudia: "Have them help cook it. My son loves eating what he's cooked."

Get them involved in the shopping

EliLeslie: "I let them pick out things to try at the store. They're always at least willing to try the foods this way. And more likely than not, they end up enjoying them. We've introduced rutabagas and Brussels sprouts and kale chips quite successfully this way."

Cut out junk food

Lisa: "Honestly? Not giving them anything BUT good food. I've found that exposing them to convenience and "junk" foods makes them not want nourishing foods. Even though it's organic and gluten free "treats," it still seems to take away their desire for real food. So I don't give it to them. It's amazing how much they love orange glazed beets, Brussels sprouts, and roasted asparagus, and liver if they aren't comparing it to organic gummy candy or gluten free cookies!"

All great advice! What would you add to the above?

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