Like many 9-year-olds, Scottish lass Martha Payne was not happy with her school lunches, most of which were skimpy and almost completely void of anything healthy. She tried explaining to her dad why she was so hungry when she got home from school — but then she decided it would be better to show him. Armed with her camera and a kid-centric food rating system, Martha launched Never Seconds, a school lunch blog that went viral within five posts.


In addition to pics of her pathetic lunches, Martha included vital statistics about her meals, rating them for taste, healthiness, and even the presence of hair. Within five blog posts, Never Seconds had caught the attention of local and international media — who went with her to the school — and even prominent school lunch advocate Jamie Oliver.


As a result of all of the attention, Martha’s dad recently met with the local council, and it was announced that kids could have unlimited salad, fruit and bread. That's progress!  Here's a pic from today's school lunch:


photo of school lunch from Never Seconds

Definitely an improvement!


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