In the ever-competitive burger market, Wendy’s is going upscale as it opens new stores in Japan after a two-year absence in the country. A new burger, called the Japan Premium, is topped with foie gras and truffles (looks like some sort of truffle sauce to me). Other items on the menu will include Avocado and Wasabi Burgers and Grilled Chicken served with truffle and porcini mushroom sauce.


That’s not what a typical American Wendy’s menu looks like. It’s also not what a typical American Wendy’s burger costs. According to Digital Journal, the Japan Premium costs 1,280 yen, or about $16 U.S. Think about that: $16 for a fast-food burger! I wish fast-food burgers cost $16 here in the United States, because we certainly wouldn’t eat as many of them if they did.


Wendy’s pulled out of Japan about two years ago because it couldn’t keep up with the competition from other fast-food companies. I suppose this is their way of luring in new customers. It wouldn’t lure me, though. In addition to the food still being a fast-food burger despite the cost, the way ducks are often raised to create much demanded foie gras can be horrendous. Kate Winslet narrates footage of the cruelty in this video below:



This is just speculation, but it’s hard to believe that a fast-food company wouldn’t be using foie gras created by this method because the company needs to meet a high demand that comes with the territory of fast food.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

A $16 fast-food burger with foie gras
Wendy's tries to lure customers in Japan with goose liver pate and truffles.