Dumpster diving for food isn’t anything new. For several years now, environmentalists and people on a budget have been digging through the dumpsters behind grocery stores to rescue perfectly edible food that’s been thrown away because of arbitrary use-by dates or to make room on shelves.

Rob Greenfield, an environmental activist, is working to keep this needless food waste from becoming old news. Last month, he dumpster dived for a week to get all his meals. The week culminated with a dinner party called A Classy Dumpster Meal. He served, of course, only food dug out of a dumpster. He placed his address on his Facebook page and invited anyone to attend.

He’s trying to highlight the food waste by supermarkets and also encourage markets to donate, not dump, healthy, edible food. He says that he has learned from his dumpster experiences that we don’t have a food shortage problem here in the United States; we have a food distribution problem.

He was interviewed by a local Fox station in San Diego where he talked about what he’s learned from dumpster diving.

I’m impressed, except for those bare feet. I’m not a clean freak, and I’m a huge fan of going barefoot, but Rob, get those dirty feet off the table and away from the food!

Would you attend a dumpster diving dinner party?

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