I got pretty excited when I found out that my local mini-mart had begun to sell milk that was free of artificial growth hormones (rBST). While not organic, it’s an option I’m willing to accept from time to time for the convenience of it.

If I get pretty excited over non-rBST milk, imagine how excited I would get if a congreenience store opened up near me. What, you ask, is a congreenience store? It’s a green mini-mart, an eco-friendly convenience store.

Simply Green is New Hampshire’s first congreenience store. It offers consumers the ability to grab a better gallon of milk and a cup of fair trade coffee while filling their car with biofuel. Now that’s convenient.

The mini-mart, located in Dover, New Hampshire, sells mostly items that come from vendors within a 100-mile radius. Local baked goods, sodas, and organic eggs are just some of the items that can be grabbed in a hurry. There is even a small section in the store to sit, enjoy a cup of fair trade coffee (in a compostable cup) and connect to free wireless internet.

Simply Green is located in a renovated gas station. There are solar panels on the roof, bamboo on the floor, and LED lights all around. This is the type of mini-mart that I would love to see pop up in the abandoned gas station near me.

Not everything about Simply Green is completely green. Regular gas is offered along with biofuel, and, according to owner Andrew Kellar, shoppers who simply must have a Coke or Snickers can get one.  

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

A mini-mart that is quite congreenient
Making a quick stop for a gallon of milk just got more eco-friendly at Simply Green, New Hampshire's first congreenience store.