I really enjoy using coconut sugar in my cooking, as we are sensitive to cane sugar. This low glycemic sugar is not processed at all, and so also fits within my criteria for an unprocessed lifestyle. So, when the creator of Palmera Naturals emailed me about her products, I was excited about them! Not only are they cane sugar free, but they are also gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan too. Products include a soy-free teriyaki sauce (made with coconut aminos), and peanut-free satay sauce that is made with sunflower seed butter.

With so few products available for those with food sensitivites, these made from wholesome ingredients sound wonderful. Maria Esztergalyos is looking for backing so that she can expand and get her products into more stores, and her products seem worthy of backing.

The second product on kickstarter that has caught my eye recently is the Nomad espresso machine that apparently makes wonderful espresso without the use of electricity, batteries or any other sort of outside power. It also doesn’t need any type of expensive (and wasteful) pods or coffee capsules. Instead you only need coffee grinds and water, and then with a simple pumping motion on the lever you can produce high-quality espresso. The machine is also very lightweight. While you can control all of the variables, such as water temperature, pressure, flow rate, and volume (for the espresso experts), the system also seems very simple for the newbie. After reading about it, I know that I want one! You can watch this video to learn about it.

A portable & green espresso machine and Palmera Naturals sauces
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