Care2 is looking to get 1,000 signatures on a petition targeted at Wendy’s International. Thirty-five of the company’s restaurants display Friends of Coal signs to show their support of mountaintop removal, a practice that makes extracting coal easier but wreaks environmental havoc on the region surrounding the mountain.

Care2 has been in contact with Wendy’s, and the corporation says it they cannot require the individual stores displaying the signs to remove them. When asked to make a public statement against mountaintop removal, Wendy’s “claimed that mountaintop removal is not a political issue but an economic necessity for communities in Appalachia.”

Believing this a “slap in the face” the Appalachian people, Care2 created a petition and is asking for the public’s support.

I’m not signing the petition. It’s not that I’m in favor of mountaintop removal. It’s that I don’t eat at Wendy’s. Signing a petition that says I’m boycotting a company that I don’t patronize in the first place would be disingenuous.

What about you? Would you sign this petition? Have you signed it or a petition like it? Do you think it does any good? One thousand petitioners saying they will boycott a company that probably gets tens of thousands of visitors a month? Do companies like Wendy’s listen to something like this?  

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

A Wendy’s boycott
The fast food company allows some of its restaurants to display signs in support of mountain top removal.