My boys are in middle school, and apparently in middle school, you can only collect your Halloween candy in an old pillowcase. Fortunately, we have plenty of those shoved into the closet. Not everyone wants their linens used as candy collectors, though, and some people prefer a more festive bag. How about buying a reusable bag in the traditional Halloween colors of orange or black, or in a color that complements your child’s costume? Then, after Halloween, you can use the plain-colored bag for every day shopping, and you won’t be spending money on a one-time-use item.


I chose the following bags because they all come from proven companies with good reviews, and also because they are also easily machine washable, which is important.


Chicobag – These reusable bags fold into themselves so they can be carried anywhere. They are machine-washable, and they last a long time. Several years ago, I bought two plain orange Chicobags for my boys to carry on Halloween. They used them for a couple of years until they were told by their peers that only pillowcases will do. I still use the bags regularly.



Envirosax – This is another company that I have bags from, and they last too. This bag would be cute for a trick-or-treater who is dressing up like a princess or ballerina. It can hold up to 44 pounds of treats, which is more candy than one kid — or 10 kids — should have, but I thought it was worth mentioning.




Flip & Tumble – This is another bag that folds up into itself, into a the form of a ball, so you can throw it in your handbag or glove compartment and always have a reusable bag with you. The two-tones on these bags give them a little extra style. There are more colors available on the website than you see in the picture.




Reuseit Workhorse Original – With a name like workhorse, this bag seems like it’s going to last a while. It’s an award-winning bag that’s been around for almost a decade now that has amazing customer reviews. It has 4.8 out of 5 starts from 1,112 customers.





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After Halloween, these trick-or-treat bags can be used year round
Sure, there are plenty of cute reusable Halloween-themed trick-or-treat bags to be had, but why buy a bag you can use once a year? If you buy one of these bags