An amazing phenomenon happens during the holiday season. Everywhere you go people are offering you sweets and treats. We were walking through some local shops the other day and my poor gluten-free daughter was probably offered cookies ten times before we went home.

While she is perfectly happy with all of her favorite foods at home, when at a birthday party, or even shopping and people around her are chomping down on candy and cookies, I see this wistful look in her eye. One item that she seemed really interested in was candy canes. She had one last year, and that memory has lingered on sweetly for her. So when she saw mini candy canes being handed out, I started being pestered here and there about it. While I bet a lot of candy canes are gluten-free, they not only contain corn syrup, which we avoid, but also genetically modified ingredients and food dye (which we also try to avoid). All in all, I was very glad to have a better candy cane to offer her, really a better tasting one too. At a local grocery store, I was able to buy Trujoy Sweet’s Candy Canes, which are made with organic ingredients (so they don’t have genetically modified ingredients in them), is corn syrup free, is naturally dyed with fruit juice and is also kosher and gluten-free!

As part of her advent calendar I have bags with little drawings on the front for each day. In it there is a little natural treat, or a craft or an activity to do. One day I put in a candy cane for both of the girls. They were happy, let me tell you.

I made them space the candy cane out three days, as it still has ten grams of sugar or so per candy cane. I loved watching them savor it. And I just might have enjoyed one myself! I really like them! They are sweet, but somehow with a more rounded flavor then most candy canes. It is hard to describe, but definitely a noticeable, but delicious difference. 

All in all, I am really thankful for these delicious candy canes. I might crumble up some to top gluten-free cookies with too. Yum!

All-natural candy canes
These organic, gluten-free, and naturally dyed candy canes were a lifesaver for this mom.