When various publications make their 2013 food trend predictions, they often look to chefs, restaurants and artisan food makers for their information. Allrecipes goes to the home cooks who use their website for recipes and cooking inspiration for their report 2013 Trends: What American Families are Eating and Cooking.

While I like to know what will be trending in restaurants for the upcoming year out of pure curiosity, I find the home cook trends more interesting and important. Most of us don’t eat at restaurants for all our meals, but we do make most of our meals at home. If healthy, sustainable trends are happening in the kitchen, it’s very good news.

Three of eight Allrecipes trends have to do with healthy and sustainable eating.

  • Bacteria is popular. One-third of consumers are into foods like Greek yogurt or fermented pickles because of their probiotic, or healthy bacteria, properties. If you want to know more about why foods with good bacteria should be a regular part of your diet, read Meet Amanda Feifer O’Brien, fermentation evangelist.
  • Clean eating is on the rise. Forty-four percent of home cooks are embracing clean eating, a way of eating that eliminates processed foods, adds more whole foods and vegetables, encourages organics and also encourages eating less meat.
  • Home juicing and healthy smoothie creations are popular. Health drinks made from whole foods are on the rise, particularly green smoothies. The “40 Days of Green Smoothies” would be a great place to start if you wanted to get in this healthy trend.
Other trends included cooking with whiskey, making restaurant-style meals at home to save money, and using mobile apps while food shopping for meal inspiration (something I do all the time).

Have you embraced any of these healthy eating trends for 2013?

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Allrecipes 2013 food trend report focuses on home cooks
A new report divulges what American families are eating and cooking.