I often point you to recipes at Allrecipes.com. It’s my most-used online recipe site. I find the site helpful because of the user rating system and the ability for users to make comments. When I’m looking for a recipe and find one that has four or five stars and dozens or even hundreds of cooks have rated it highly and made great comments, I’ll usually trust the recipe. I’ve rarely been steered wrong on the site.

Allrecipes.com just started a new video channel, Allrecipes.tv, for quick tips and regional cooking inspiration. The quick tips videos give step-by-step instructions on cooking methods like How to Roast Peppers three different ways or How to Make a Balsamic Reduction. There are already dozens of how-to recipes on the site.

Allrecipes.com What’s Cooking?” will feature home cooks from around the country and a new video will go live each week every Thursday at 11 a.m. (PST). The first episode will go live today, so if you’re reading this after 11 a.m. (PST), pop over and check it out.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Allrecipes starts video channel
One of the web's most helpful recipes sites just got even more helpful.