In addition to the recently launched Alton Browncast, Alton Brown has started a new web-based cooking video series, Cook Smart. The first two episodes are like mini episodes of his former “Good Eats” television show, a show I miss very much.

The introductory episode is wonderful and goofy. Brown solved his problem of how to effectively store mustard in his refrigerator and at the end of the video that runs a little less than two minutes, he flashed the words on the screen, “Remember America: Cook Smart.”

The second episode demonstrates what Brown says a smarter way to hard cook an egg that boiling it. Watch.

Now, I don’t know if this method will help make the eggs easy to peel like adding baking soda to boiling water will, but it’s worth a try. Since it’s Alton Brown, I’m willing to bet this works really well, but I’d probably start with just a few eggs to make sure. If all goes well, think of how great it would be to be able to do several dozen eggs at a time if you needed to make deviled eggs for a big crowd.

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Alton Brown hard cooks his eggs in the oven
Is creating perfect hard-boiled-like eggs in the oven cray-cray? Alton Brown’s new web cooking show Cook Smart shows us it’s not.