Do you have a favorite farmers market? Would you like to see it get the recognition that it deserves? Yesterday, American Farmland Trust kicked off the America's Favorite Farmers Market contest to see which of America's 4,685 farmers markets can rally the most support from its customers. At the end of the contest, one large, medium, and small farmers market will win the title of "America's Favorite Farmers Market" for 2009. The winners will receive national recognition and a shipment of No Farms No Food® tote bags for the winning market managers to distribute to the shoppers that made it happen.


Market managers need to register their markets to be eligible for the contest. If you go to the site and find that your favorite farmers market hasn’t registered yet, you need to contact its manager and ask to have the market registered.


You can find out if your favorite market is registered by clicking on the interactive map on the site. Once you find your market, you'll be led to a voting page that asks why you think your market should be America's Favorite as well as your name and e-mail.


The prize for winning this competition may not be of great monetary value, but many farmers markets are feeling the pinch in this economy like other businesses. This is one way you can support your favorite market and help to get publicity for it. My favorite market is registered, and I've voted. How about you? 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

America's Favorite Farmers Market contest
Do you think the farmers market that you frequent is the best in the country? American Farmland Trust wants to know why.