I enjoy it when I can out from behind my desk during the day and do some experimenting. Whether it’s playing with making syrup out of honeysuckles or discovering how to eat an apple and make its core disappear, these little breaks from typing at the computer are fun for me.

This morning I took one of those small breaks to try to take as much air out of a Ziploc bag as I could without using anything mechanical or anything that needed to be purchased. It started when I saw this video.

After watching the video, I recalled someone telling me how they sucked the air out of a Ziploc bag with a straw. So I thought I’d do an experiment and see which method worked the best. I had a pear in my refrigerator that I’d cut a little from the other night to add to a cheese plate, so I grabbed it and got to work.

ziplock with air pushed outThis is the bag when I did nothing but push the air out with my hands. You can see that there’s a noticeable air bubble in the upper left corner. Pushing the air out with my hands got some of the air out, but the question was, could I do better?

ziplock with air removed by mouthThis second photo is the Ziploc after I left a small opening in the bag and sucked the air out with my mouth like the video demonstrated. There was less air in the bag after I did it, but I was very lightheaded.

ziplock with air removed by a strawThe final photo is after I opened the bag again and re-zipped it, leaving a small opening to stick in a straw. I sucked the air out with the straw and quickly zipped it after removing the straw. It worked better than simply removing the air by hand but not quite as well as doing it my mouth straight on the bag. I was surprised at that.

None of these methods will work as well as having one of those mechanical vacuum sealers to remove the air out of food packaging to keep things fresher longer, but perhaps, sucking the air out of a Ziploc bag with your mouth will keep things fresher just a day or so longer than if you didn’t do it.

Do you have a method for removing the air from a zipper food storage bag that you use that think preserves the food longer? 

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