I loved candy canes when I was younger. There was something about their design, their colorfulness, and, of course, their sweet peppermint taste that appealed to me more than many other candies.

As a mother, however, I grew to dislike them. This dislik grew not only for their high sugar and corn syrup content, but also for their artificial dyes - which one of children seem to be sensitive to. So I was absolutely thrilled to pieces when I found TruJoy’s candy canes at my local store (NewSeasonsMarket.com).

Why I like them:

  • They are made with organic ingredients.
  • They contain no corn syrup
  • They are naturally flavored
  • They contain no dyes
  • They also taste wonderful!  
Are they still sweet and in the “special treat” category? Yes. These are still sweets, and a special one at that. But they really aren’t that terrible in comparison to many other candies. Each one contains 60 calories and 10 grams of sugar, and my girls would never finish one at one sitting, so it’s a reasonable sugar content for their little bodies. Truthfully, they are pretty happy with just a little piece snapped off at a time! 

If you find them at your local store, I highly recommend that candy cane lovers try them out! They would make great stocking stuffers too. 

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