The Velveeta crisis didn’t ruin the Super Bowl. Those who hoarded during the Sriracha shutdown are probably wishing they didn’t have so many bottles crowding their pantry. Even the people who buried Twinkies in their backyard are probably feeling pretty silly after the snack cake came back to life less than a year after it died.

We foodies sure do like our freak-outs – even though they are rarely warranted.

Today, news reports based on the annual report that Chipotle filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (which it looks like Chipotle has removed from its website) have foodies crying “Guacapocalypse!” While I usually cringe at “pocalypse” or “mageddon” being added to every food that’s in some sort of crisis, "Guacapocalypse" is so much fun to say, I don’t mind this one. Go ahead. Say it three times fast. I’ll wait.

In the report, Chipotle warned investors that “weather events related to climate change could increase prices for some of its ingredients.” Instead of paying more for those ingredients, the report said that Chipotle might “suspend serving menu items” like guacamole or some salsas.

No guacamole? It’s the end of the world! Apparently, no one is worried about a "salsapacolypse" — probably because it’s not as fun to say.

NPR reports that Chipotle is telling everyone to calm down. Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold said the warning was “routine disclosure of risk factors.”

"There is no looming 'guacapocalypse' and I wouldn't read too much into this," Arnold told NPR’s The Salt.

So there you have it. There’s no reason to freak out. The "Guacapocalypse" probably won’t happen.

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