I’m sitting in a hotel room in Atlanta as I write this. I spent the day at the home offices of Mother Nature Network with two of my fellow bloggers, Jenn and Melissa, as well as the editors and staff who keep this website humming. For someone who spends the majority of her day sitting alone in her home office, it was a nice treat as well as a productive workday.

I’m staying at the Ellis Hotel near the home office. It’s a green-oriented hotel with a restaurant that supports local and regional farmers, fishermen and producers. Gotta love it.

This morning, Jenn and I met in Terrace on Peachtree, the hotel restaurant, for breakfast. I had a traditional eggs, potatoes, bacon and toast breakfast. Jenn choose the steel cut Irish oatmeal. We both enjoyed our breakfast very much.

It’s not just the restaurant that has sustainable food. The honor bar in my room has some items that I’ve never seen in a hotel honor bar. Have you ever seen Endangered Species chocolate bars in a hotel honor bar before? How about organic Bora Bora bars? There’s Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee for my complimentary coffee in the room, too.

In addition to the excellent food choices, The Ellis is Green Seal Certified. From what I can see from the website, the prices for The Ellis are very reasonable, too. It’s nice to know that staying at a hotel that strives to do things responsibly doesn’t have to be cost-prohibitive. 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Atlanta's The Ellis: Sustainable food and more
The Ellis Hotel in Atlanta has a sustainable restaurant, a green certification, and a reasonable price tag.